• ARECA PALM 80CM copy

    Areca Palm 80cm

  • areca plam 90cm

    Areca Palm 90cm

  • areca palm 150cm

    Areca Palm 150cm

  • areca palm 189cm

    Areca Palm 189cm

  • bird paradise 120cm

    Bird of Paradise 120cm

  • bop150cm

    Bird of Paradise 150cm

  • bop180 copy

    Bird of Paradise 180cm

  • dracaena 80cm

    Dracaena 80cm

  • Dracaena 130cm 1

    Dracaena 130cm

  • dracaena Fragrance 160cm

    Dracaena Fragrance 160cm

  • dracaena verigated 160cm

    Dracaena Variegated 160cm

  • ficus 90cm

    Ficus Fiddle Leaf 90cm

  • ficus 120cm

    Ficus 120cm

  • ficus 135cm

    Ficus 135cm

  • Ficus Fiddle Leaf 155cm

    Ficus Fiddle Leaf 155cm

  • lemon tree 120cm

    Lemon Tree 120cm

  • rhaphis

    Rhaphis 120cm

  • bamboo180cm

    Bamboo Palm 180cm

  • butterfly palm

    Butterfly Palm 230cm

  • agave 55

    Agave 55cm

  • agave middle 90cm

    Agave Middle 90cm

  • Agave 90 cm

    Agave 90cm

  • AGAVE 4 HEAD 1000X1000

    Agave 4 Head 105cm

  • aloe 44cm

    Aloe 44cm

  • aloe 70cm

    Aloe 70cm

  • cactus 59cm

    Cactus 58cm

  • sansevieria y_green 68cm

    Sansevieria 68cm

  • sansevieria 86cm

    Sansevieria 86cm

  • yucca 2 head

    Yucca 2 head 130cm

  • cycas 72cm

    Cycas 72cm

  • CYCAS 93CM SQ 2

    Cycas 93cm


    Rubber Tree 90cm

  • ZAMI87CM

    Zamifolio 87cm

  • ZAMI 64CM

    Zamifolio 64cm

  • bonzai

    Bonzai 68cm

  • calla lily

    Calla Lily 88cm

  • green joy80cm

    Green Joy 80cm

  • mini philo

    Mini Philo 90cm

  • hanging ivy closeup

    Hanging Ivy 108cm

  • Epipremnum 108cm

    Hanging Epipremnum 107cm

  • hanging pothos 107

    Hanging Pothos 107cm

  • fern 165cm

    Hanging Fern 165cm

  • fern 114cm

    Hanging Fern 114cm

  • Hanging Asparagus Grey Fern 112cm

    Hanging Asparagus Grey Fern 112cm

  • Hanging Boston Fern 78cm

    Hanging Boston Fern 78cm

  • hanging grass bush

    Hanging Grass Bush 75cm

  • Hanging mini lvs bush

    Hanging Mini LVS 80cm

  • Hanging Seaweed 85cm

    Hanging Seaweed 85cm

  • Hanging String of Pearl Red 83cm

    Hanging String of Pearl Red 83cm

  • Hanging Pearls String Green 85cm

    Hanging String of Pearl Green 85cm

  • Hanging Circle Bush 97cm

    Hanging Circle Bush 97cm

  • hanging monstera vine 120cm

    Hanging Monstera Vine 120cm

  • hanging monstera vine 180cm

    Hanging Monstera Vine 180cm

  • hanging pothos 55

    Hanging Pothos 55cm

  • hanging pothos 90

    Hanging Pothos 90cm

  • Hanging Watermelon Bush 75cm

    Hanging Watermelon 90cm

  • Hanging Ivy 82cm

    Hanging Ivy 82cm

  • hanging perilla pink 70cm

    Hanging Perilla Pink 70cm

  • Hanging bush Perilla

    Hanging Perilla 130cm

  • Delicious Monster Pick 30cm

    Delicious Monstera Pick 30cm

  • Delicious Monster Pick 44cm

    Delicious Monstera Pick 44cm

  • Delicious Monster Pick 70cm

    Delicious Monstera Pick 70cm

  • Watermelon Bunch 37cm

    Watermelon Bunch 37cm

  • Fern 40cm

    Fern 40cm

  • Eyebrow Bush 45cm

    Eyebrow Bush 45cm

  • Diffenbachia Green and White 44cm

    Diffenbacchia Green White 44cm

  • Diffenbachia Pink and Green 44cm

    Diffenbacchia Pink Green 44cm

  • Monstera Real Touch 53cm

    Monstera Real Touch 53cm

  • Elephant Ear Real Touch 48cm

    Elephant Ear Real Touch 48cm

  • Verigated Diffenbachia Real Touch 57cm

    Diffenbacchia Real Touch 57cm

  • Yucca Bush 60cm

    Yuccu Bush 60cm

  • grass head 38cm

    Grass Head 40cm

  • Spider Bush Lemon and Lime 35cm

    Spider Bush 35cm

  • Spider Bush Green and Red 42cm

    Spider Bush 42cm

  • monstera 30

    Monstera Bush 30cm

  • Waterlemon Bush 32cm

    Watermelon Bush 32cm

  • Peacock Maranta Bush 30cm

    Peacock Maranta Bush 30cm

  • Monstera Pick 15cm

    Monstera Pick 15cm

  • Watermelon Pick 15cm

    Watermelon Pick 15cm

  • Boxwood Bush 36cm

    Boxwood Bush 37cm

  • Bay Leaf Bush 38cm

    Bay Leaf Bush 38cm

  • Schefflera Bush 40cm

    Schefflera Bush 40cm

  • Bromeliad Vriesia 35cm

    Bromeliad Vriesia 35cm

  • aloe pvc

    Aloe Pvc 20cm

  • airplant 20cm

    Airplant 20cm

  • airplant 27

    Airplant 27cm

  • euforbia cactus

    Euphorbia Cactus 43cm

  • Dwarf Sansevieria 23cm

    Dwarf Sansevieria 23cm

  • Dwarf Sansevieria 25cm

    Dwarf Sansevieria 27cm

  • paddle plant 20

    Paddle Plant 20cm

  • Butterfly Succulent

    Butterfly Succulent

  • Rabbit Ear 20cm

    Rabbit Ear 20cm

  • Baby Aloe 15cm

    Baby Aloe 15cm

  • Tingle Denticle 18cm

    Tingle Denticle 18cm

  • Topsy Turvey Pink 13cm

    Topsy Tuvey 13cm

  • spikey succulent 2

    Spikey Succulent 26cm

  • rock rose aeonium

    Rock Rose Aeonium 18cm

  • Rock Rose Green Pink 10cm

    Rock Rose Green Pink 10cm

  • elegance 19

    Echiveria Elegance 19cm

  • sedum succulent 2

    Sedum Succulent 18cm

  • hookeri

    Echiveria Hookerli 9cm

  • topsy turvey 2

    Topsy Tuvey Green 13cm

"My aim is to deliver premium faux botanicals and high end artificial plants"

- Nadia van Wyk -



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